Delegated Authorized Banks
USG Delegated Authorized Lenders

To obtain current list of USG Delegated Authorized banks, please complete the NDNC, I.C.C. & membership application submit to your In Country Special Representative, or Managing Partner at US FED Group, Washington.

US Government Export Credit Agencies Extend Insurance or Guarantee to U.S. Exporter

Sahel and Sub-Saharan Africa Banks may extend US FED Group USG credit agencies insurance and as guarantor to SSA private-public principals for infrastructure, revitalization, and modernization emerging and frontier markets development. Private-public principals may also apply through US FED Group Delegated SSA financial institutions for Export Credit Insurance for any type of goods or services, including commodities, consumer goods, raw materials, spare parts, heavy duty equipment, consumer durables and capital goods. Contact In Country Special Representative or managing partner in Washington, DC.