About Us

We partner with United States and foreign government departments, agencies and foreign nationals, in meeting existing export supply-side demands or development of Economic-Trade-Commerce Solutions from the United States. We may represent foreign nationals -principals, as their Foreign Agents to the United States and may also serve as their Commercial Representative Agent in Public-Private Partnership, under our States to States Trade Initiative™. Inquire about our U.S. States to States Initiative exclusive, to our partners.

United States FED Group consortium members/partners, are Independent Service Providers to the Group, desirous of foreign market access-entry, trade facilitation and ETC (Economic-Trade-Commerce) development in overseas markets.

No membership capital investment is required upon acceptance into the Group, after application review to see if the new partner brings a warranted value-add and the Group products and services meet the potential new member ETC solutions.

The Group provides fee for service to U.S. original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and service providers. No portion of fees goes to access U.S. and or foreign governments departments or agencies, in violation of FCPA. Fees are straight-lined to foreign market access-entry in hard costs, and or export trade development such as marketing, advertising, sale, support, promotion and or placement of partner’s niche products and services to end-users in-countries markets.

What We Do

One-on-One Soup to Nuts

Using our market intelligence, we provide one-on-one foreign market access-entry, house notes/bank papers as export trade development solutions under our proprietary “soup to nuts”1 MASS ID PROMOTION™.

This includes but is not limited:

Market Access One-on-one entry with private-public end-users
Advertising One-on-one, exclusive with only vetted end-users
Sale We act as obligor and exporter of record. We are not a transactional broker.
Support We work with U.S. Government approved and U.S. FED Group delegated financial institutions and distributors.

All OEMs, suppliers and service providers niche products and services are further developed for ETC solutions under our soup-to-nuts MASS ID PROMOTION™. Oneon-one individualized promotion is conducted by our Business Development Advisors to specific end-users with the ability to procure based on history of past procurement and or U.S. FED Group ETC development for partners. We leave nothing to speculation! Partners never have to engage U.S. FED Group end-user; we take the risk and nuances out of solutions. All OEMs’ products, suppliers and service providers’ services are available to all our overseas Ops in U.S. FED Group catalogs or in our U.S. members-only virtual trade mall. We, however, place only with financially vetted and capable end-users. In order to gain market access and entry, we require partners to place solutions at their Master Index Tolerance price (below) wholesale.

In essence, we are our OEMs, suppliers and service providers’ foreign market access-entry, and Economic-TradeCommerce solution, development, marketing, ad agent, sale, distribution and or placement, outsourced component of their business. Our overseas Ops are in time zones ahead of now, so our U.S. companies are opened for business, when U.S. FED overseas Ops are opened overseas.