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Our Services

US FED Group identifies, and evaluates private-public partnership opportunities for private-public investments, appropriations, grants, subsidies as economic stimuli to benefit a region and or country. In Short we create investment opportunities for US private-public sector and develop markets of US goods and services in Sahel and sub-Saharan Africa Emerging and Frontier Markets.


  • Working Capital loans (US Delegated Authorized Banks)
  • Private-Public Partnership Finance & Capital Development
  • Investment/procurement matching for Infrastructure, Revitalization & Modernization Development/Projects

Insurance & Guarantee

SSA Delegated Authorized Banks

US FED Group has appointed local in country banks as its delegated authorized banks that issues letter of guarantee to a worthy in country US FED Group buyer/member on a case by case basis to extend assurance to to US FED Group suppliers/members/principal against default.

SSA Private Equity Investment Fund

Under development & currently raising capital for active opportunities

Friendship & Economic Development Enterprise Fund

(US legislation under consideration)

Export - Import

US FED Group is an official EXIM Bank City-State Partner that provides guidance to its US supplier/member/principal to protect against default and assure payment by and from a US delegated bank with experience in markets where US FED Group exports. US FED Group is also an USDA official Eligible Exporter under its CCC GSM-102 Program. US FED Group may also engage other USG agencies, including SBA to assure exports. US FED Group is also authorized to conduct Certified Department of Commerce Trade Missions.

Private-Public Investment Opportunities

ROI 2/20% Rule

Advocacy and Representation

As a Foreign Agent for:

  • Foreign Principal, eg. Head of State
    1. Public Corporation
    2. Local Governments
    3. National Government Departments, Ministries and Judicial Systems (Public-Private capital development, grants, etc.)
  • Private Corporation
  • NGO
  • Private Individuals
  • Missions
  • Public Relations
  • Trade, Tourism and Industry Promotions

General Services

  • Negotiations
  • US- SSA Market Matching
  • US Government
  • Congress, Executive, State, Local Government and agencies
  • US-Bilateral Country Policy Development
  • US & International Legal Services

Commercial Industrial Services
Agri-Business Machinery Commodities
Government Financial Backing

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